Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lifeline - Rescue Trooper

Lifeline was not one of my favorite Joes, until the Special Missions issue that explained his pacifist beliefs and showed off his Aikido techniques. I know some people didn't like that, but I found him more engaging after that issue.

For Lifeline, I wanted a figure that did *not* have an obvious weapon, but had a similar uniform and helmet. This turned out to be pretty difficult to come by, so I would up going with a Star Wars Miniature Rebel Officer, which works OK.

I added glasses via green stuff, but they look more like another pair of goggles. This mini does have a pistol-like tool on his thigh, but it's sci-fi looking enough to pass off as some kind of medical injector, instead of a pistol.

The pose of this mini is a little weird. What is he doing exactly? I guess he's giving a speech? Rallying the troops?

Lifeline could do that, I suppose.


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