Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zap - Bazooka Soldier

Painting miniatures can be an expensive hobby. Each mini might be anywhere from $5 to $20 for metal miniatures. Heroclix and Mage Knight plastic minis can be cheaper to pick up, but even those can sometimes cost $3-4 dollar for common figures, and way more for rares.

But what if all you want is a pretty standard assortment of military type guys to paint?

Enter Zerboz Military.

Zerboz are little mini plastic toys sold at Wal-mart for $.97 each. The come in military, super-hero, and Power Ranger versions. They are just slightly smaller than most 28mm minis, but pretty close to Star Wars Miniature size once mounted on a base.

(The paint job on the Zerboz military figures on their Facebook page is *way* better than the actual toy, but I'm repainting anyway, so no big deal.)

One further not on mini painting: there tends to be certain parts that are difficult to get right and I wind up having to try over and over. Eyes are especially hard to get right.

For Zap, I tried and tried to get his moustache just right but it's still...off.

Well, at least I tried.


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