Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tunnel Rat - Explosive Ordance Disposal

Another Recreational Conflict miniature, from their S.P.R.U. line, and this time the slightly smaller size works in its favor: it's Tunnel Rat.

Tunnel Rat, at least in the cartoon, is supposed to be a little smaller than the other Joes. At least if you consider the G.I.Joe Movie canon, which not everyone does.

The mini I found, C.J., works pretty well for Tunnel Rat: he has the bandana, the short sleeve shirt with gloves. Too bad he tucked his pants in his boots, although that might make more sense when crawling in tunnels.

I suppose I could have tried to mock up a backpack for him, but I think this look works just fine.

Too bad he doesn't resemble Larry Hama a little more, but what can you do at 28mm?


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