Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kwinn - Mercenary \ Tracker

From one mercenary to another.

If you don't know who Kwinn is, go pickup the first couple of trades of the Marvel G.I. Joe comic and get educated.

For my money, the live action G.I. Joe movies won't *really* be good until they include the Kwinn vs. Dr. Venom rivalry. (Since Kwinn was often employed by Cobra, I filed Kwinn there, but he could have gone either way.)

Thanks to Recreational Conflict, I found a great Kwinn with their Civilian Singles: Photographer mini. The pose, the clothes, everything works great.

Well, almost everything...

As it turns out, these minis are a little on the small side compared to Heroclix or the more "heroic" sized miniatures.

Or, maybe Kwinn is just in background...


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