Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scarlett - Undercover Agent

When it comes to doing these G.I. Joe miniatures, the characters fall into one of three categories for me:

1) Characters that are my favorites, so of course I'm going to do them.
2) Characters that I like enough to do, if I can find a good mini for them.
3) Characters that I either don't know (because they came after I stopped collecting G.I. Joes) or ones I just plain don't like.

Categories 1 and 2 still provide me with a TON of minis to paint, and that's not counting repeats.

Speaking of repeats...

I didn't find out about the G.I. Joe - Renegades cartoon until after it was off the air. I've only seen about half the episodes, but it's not bad. Some of the cameos are a little forced, but the main Joes used (other than Ripcord) are done pretty well.

I really like the Renegades version of Scarlett. She seems closer to the Marvel comic Scarlett in personality, and her outfit is functional yet calls back to her previous design. As much as I love the original Scarlett leotard, this is more appropriate. (Why didn't live action Scarlett wear this outfit?)

For this version of Scarlett, I used the Heroclix Checkmate Knight. I think I used the Black Knight, but they are all the same if you're repainting them.

The pose is awesome, the outfit matches up pretty well, and she even has a ponytail. And one of the best things is that the Knight's knee pads kind of look like the knee joints on the figure.



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