Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Silvermist - Water Fairy

If you had asked me a few months ago who my favorite Disney Fairy was, I would have said, "There's more than one?"

After watching the movies though, I'd have to say Silvermist is my favorite. Although she hasn't had as big a role to play as some of the others, she's always there to support the group and she has some of the best lines. Besides, how cool is the water-talent?

I used the Heroclix Dawnstar as the base for making Silvermist. Since Dawnstar already had wings, I trimmed them down to be more fairy-like and then used green stuff to make Silvermist's longer hair and dress.

I tried to make the green-to-blue gradient effect on her dress but it doesn't show up much, especially in the photo. Also, in the back shot you can see some of the yellow from the original paint through the clear plastic. Couldn't be helped.

For some reason, I neglected to give her shoes...


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