Friday, March 6, 2015

Rosetta - Garden Fairy

When I first started watching the Tinker Bell movies, Rosetta was the one fairy that started with a few disadvantages (at least, for me): she speaks with a Southern drawl, doesn't like to get dirty, and is overly concerned with her appearance.

She seemed less like a fairy and more like a character from Designing Women.

(Is that too old a reference?)

But, thanks to some character development and good writing, she turned out to be a better character than I expected.

I happened to have an Atom Eve Heroclix so I used it to make Rosetta. The hair doesn't really match Rosetta's hair, but I wasn't about to try to figure *that* hairstyle out. She was actually the first fairy mini that I started working on so her wings were made a little differently than Tinker Bell's.

I used green stuff for her dress and tried to make it look rose petal-y. Like Silvermist, I tried to add the gradient effect to her dress, but it's subtle.


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