Monday, March 30, 2015

Bender - Bending Unit

Hey, remember that episode of "Futurama" where Bender traded his hands for the blades from the robot in "The Black Hole"?

OK, that didn't actually happen but my Bender miniature kind of looks like it.

Instead of using a figure as the base and building on top of it, for Bender I used the robotic arms from a Doctor Octopus Heroclix and built the body and head from green stuff. I think his antenna might be a piece of wire.

I thought about trying to make his hands look more like normal, but after a while I just kind of got used to it. I bet Bender could make his hands look like that if he wanted to.

If I ever decide to make a human Bender version, there are plenty of Blob Heroclix.

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