Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scar-Face - Cobra Courier

 Scar-Face was never featured in the cartoon and only years later did he get a figure, but he was pretty instrumental to a lot of the early Marvel Comics G.I.Joe story lines.

Technically, Scar-Face was a Cobra Officer, but he was often used to transport intel, packages, and, in one case, a virulent toxin. So, not a great job...

The lasting image of Scar-Face for me is him returning to his Coney Island secret hideout, trench coat covering his Cobra uniform and sans helmet.

The Grifter Heroclix was a good choice to convert because all I really needed to modify was the lower part of Grifter's mask thing.

I tried a two tone approach to Scar-Face's trench coat. Not sure how well that worked though...


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