Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fast Draw - Mobile Missile Specialist

I had Fast Draw when I was little and I always kind of disliked him, but I wasn't sure why until I decided to paint a mini version of him.

There are 3 reasons I don't like Fast Draw:

1) The original figure's chubby face just looks a little goofy to me.

2) He is a soldier who goes into combat with nothing but TWO MISSILES. After he shoots them, what is he supposed to do? He doesn't have any other weapons, so I assume Fast Draw just leaves. He's probably always the first guy back at the Joe base after a mission.

3) I didn't realize this until I was painting him, but Fast Draw's colors and design look like a He-Man figure. Imagine him at the scale of other He-Man action figures. He would fit in perfectly. All he needs is a name like "Rocketor" or "Two-Shot".

Anyway, even though he wasn't one of my favorites, I still made him. I used a Halo Spartan with Dual Magnums and added the missile pack, hoses, and visor with green stuff.

Now he's ready to shoot his two shots and get back to HQ.



  1. Be sure to check my custom 28mm GI JOEs blog: http://boardgamegeek.com/blogcategory/1429

    Lots of vehicles.

  2. Hey! I've seen your page before. I like a lot of the choices you picked.

    I've been considering doing some vehicles as well. Awesome.