Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tomax & Xamot - Brothers of Light

When you think of Tomax & Xamot (aka The Crimson Twins) you probably think of them as they were usually depicted in the comic and cartoon: dressed like circus acrobats.

Or maybe you remember them more in their business suits as the heads of Extensive Enterprises.

I'll admit, I was originally planning to do them as acrobats or businessmen...until I saw the G.I. Joe: Renegades episode "Brothers of Light".

While I still like the original incarnation of the Crimson Twins, I *really* like the Renegades take on them as crazy cult leaders. In someway, that's even *more* insane than the original and fits just right in with a toy line that featured guys in bird suits and ninjas.

For the Brothers of Light, I picked up two Jason Blood Heroclix and added a little green stuff to raise the collars (and secure one of their heads after I repositioned it) as well as adding the little maroon sash thing.

While I did try to go for the mirror opposites look, it wasn't worth the effort of reversing their hands, so I guess they're both right handed.

Also, as a nod to the original figures, I kept Xamot's scar red instead of the dull pinkish-brown it is on Renegades.

I think this might be the first minis I've done where there are no action figures for the characters.


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