Thursday, May 2, 2013

Short-Fuze - Mortar Soldier

I'll admit that of the original thirteen G.I. Joes, some  really stand out (Snake Eyes, Stalker, Scarlett) and some...not so much.

Short-Fuze is one of those guys who just isn't as memorable as the others. As newer characters came into the franchise, guys like Short-Fuze wound up with only the occasional background shot of them firing on Cobra.

Still, every team needs it's artillery so I want to include him as well.

Once again, Zerboz Military came to the rescue. This soldier had just the right pose to look like someone about to fire a mortar...too bad he was holding a rifle. But after a little trim with an X-acto knife and a little green stuff, he has a half-decent mortar. (I admit I didn't do a great job around his hand though so it kind of looks like he's squeezing the mortar tube closed. Oh well.)

The only other addition to the figure was a green stuff visor and he's ready to go!


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