Thursday, May 9, 2013

Footloose - Infantry Trooper

Footloose was one of the first Joes that was a new version of a previous Joe, in this case Grunt.

I think that's why he never really clicked with me. Grunt was already kind of a faceless green shirt. Now I had a non-faceless green shirt to deal with.

At least Footloose had one thing going for him over Grunt: speed. In my toy world, Footloose's track team history (and name I guess) pegged him as a quick in-and-out assault type.

For that reason, the sprinting Zerboz Military figure made for a good Footloose. The sleeves are a little off, and apparently he's supposed to be wearing goggles\shades but it's hard to tell on the figure.

A note on painting: since this is a hobby and I'm not doing this for money, I don't mind sometimes skipping on the quality if it saves my sanity. Footloose's eyes are a side effect of that. I tried over and over to get decent eyes on him, but in the end, he wound up looking like an emoticon.



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