Friday, February 27, 2015

Zapp Brannigan - 25-Star General

If Kif is Smithers, then I guess that makes Zapp Mr. Burns, which sort of makes sense. Mr. Burns is obviously evil, where Zapp is obviously stupid.

And yet, they both always seem to come out ahead (or at least better than average).

Zapp is one of those characters that is like a walking quote machine. Almost every line he says is funny and  every time he shows up in an episode, it's worth it.

It's hard not to wonder how Zapp would have turned out if Phil Hartman had gotten the chance to play him as planned...

Anyway, for Zapp, I use the Earth Man Heroclix and added the skirt and shoulder pads with green stuff.

I don't know anything about Earth Man. I just picked him because his mini looked like a pompous jerk, so it worked great for Zapp.

As a side note: Earth Man is a really bad superhero name.


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