Thursday, January 16, 2014

Roadblock - Heavy Machine Gunner

Roadblock is one of the most iconic G.I.Joes there is, after Snake Eyes, Scarlett, and Duke. He's been in almost every version of the team I think.

And yet, he was not on my list of minis to paint initially.

I think it was the cartoon that kind of soured me on Roadblock. All the rhyming combined with the fact that he seemed to get a lot more screen time than some of the others, made me kind of tired of him. Since then, some of the other interpretations of the character, like in Renegades and Future Noir, have changed my mind a little about him.

We won't speak about the Retaliation version of him though...

Anyway, I got the Heroclix Blade figure in a lot from eBay and I really tried to think of who to use him for *other* than Roadblock, but finally decide to use him that way. It was just too good of a fit.


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