Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Iron Grenadiers - Destro's Elite Troopers

When the Iron Grenadiers sub-team was introduce, it made perfect sense. Why wouldn't Destro have his own personal army?

The Iron Grenadier is the basic foot soldier of Destro's army and let's face it: they look pretty cool. Even compared to some of the better Joe and Cobra uniform designs, these guys know how to dress. I bet the uniform alone was enough to get some people to sign up for Destro's army.

I'm not that familiar with Star-lord, but when I saw his Heroclix figure, I knew I had my Iron Grenadier.

I add a little detail with green stuff, like the shoulder pad and leg pouch. Unfortunately, the gold paint I used doesn't show look as gold as I would have liked.

Maybe he's been out in the field for a while and it's tarnished a bit...


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