Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hooded Cobra Commander - Enemy Leader

Sure, I've done Cobra Commander before, but not Hooded Cobra Commander.

This might be Hooded Cobra Commander, or it might be a Pac-Man ghost sitting on someone's head.

Hooded CC was made from a Heroclix Kryptonian Soldier with a wad of green stuff on his head. I mainly used the Kryptonian Soldier because a) I had him already and b) his pose was useless for most characters other than a leader type. And it didn't seem right for Hawk.

In order to make the hood fit right, I had to trim the head up a little. So, under his mask, this Cobra Commander's face might be even worse than the horrible snakelike abomination face he had in G.I.Joe the Movie (depending on if you take that as canon or not.)


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