Monday, December 30, 2013

Billy - Cobra Commander's Son

Ah, New Years. The time for reflection and for fresh starts. Just like Cobra Commander had for about thirty seconds before being shot in the back and then turning evil again. And it's all Billy's fault.

Actually, while Cobra Commander in the comic *did* blame Billy for his being shot, he really brought it on himself.

While he started as kind of an annoying kid, Billy grew to be an interesting character in the Marvel comic. His training with Storm Shadow and then loss of his eye and leg in the car crash\rocket attack (spoilers) were pretty gripping to me.

Since he dresses similar to Storm Shadow a few times in the comics, I thought this Master Bruce Wayne Heroclix would make a good conversion choice and I think it did.

Plus, doing it this way meant not having to figure out how to make his artificial leg.


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