Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crimson Asp - Cobra Saboteur

The G.I.Joe universe has a lot of characters. Between Real American Hero, Sigma 6, IDW, Renegades, Valor vs Venom, and more, there are tons of characters (and versions of characters). Maybe even more than Star Wars.

So, I'm always impressed when a new character comes along that really stands out, like Crimson Asp.

As far as I know, Crimson Asp was created by the G.I.Joe Collectors' Club and is not featured in an comic or cartoon. I hope she does work her way into the universe though because she has a great design and seems like a formidable foe.

To make Crimson Asp, I started with the Silver Sable Heroclix and added the eye patch and skirt with green stuff.

Now that I think of it, this makes at least three Joe or Cobra figures with eye patches.

Somebody needs to invest in safety goggles.


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