Monday, August 18, 2014

Star-Viper - Stellar Stiletto Pilot

The Cobra Star-Vipers didn't see much action in the comics or the cartoon, which is a shame because they have a really nice uniform. A very "Space Navy" kind of look.

I think 1988 was the year I started losing interesting in the Joe toys. I know I had some of the figures from that year, but not all of them. And I don't think I had many of the vehicles. So, I'm not really sure if I ever even had this guy. I don't remember having the Stellar Stiletto, but I might have gotten the Star-Viper in a trade. Who knows?

I originally based the Star-Viper mini off the minor character in the comic who infiltrates the Joe base and is mostly shown without his helmet but instead with a small bandage on his forehead (from the implant.) After painting that version though (again using the Heroclix Red Robin), I decided I wanted the helmeted version more, so I slapped on a helmet of green stuff.

I suppose I could have done a second one with the helmet, like I've been doing with the M.A.S.K. miniatures,


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