Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pythona - Cobra-La Emissary \ Assassin

In 1987, G.I.Joe the Movie introduced a new concept to the line: Cobra-La, an ancient civilization secretly backing Cobra. Fans at the time hated this new development. Little did we know how good we had it then compared to what the live action movies did to the franchise.

Pythona is one of few characters from the cartoon or the comic that never got an official figure. Which is a shame because she's one of the more interesting Cobra-La characters. I would have rather had her than the Royal Guard.

For Pythona, I veered away from the spotted-leotard-under-a-cloak look and instead went for something a little more befitting the emissary of a hidden civilization. The Horrorclix Angelique mini was just the thing I needed, once I removed the extra appendages.

My Pythona has traded her purple leotard for a kind of armored looking chest piece and traded her cloak for a skirt. I considered removing the knife, since she mostly uses her claws in the movie, but decide that she seems like the type to use a knife.

After reading up on what she did in the G.I. Joe vs. Transformers comics, I see my instinct was correct.


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