Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mutt - Dog Handler (K-9)

Before Law & Order came around, Mutt and Junkyard were the closest thing the Joe team had to military police or security.

In fact, on his filecard, Mutt is noted as an "advisor to Security and Enforcement Committee", whatever that means.

So, maybe it makes sense to use the Heroclix Captain Gordon for my Mutt:

I added some knee pads with green stuff, but otherwise didn't change the fig.

A note on the coloration: When painting Mutt, I used a Marvel G.I. Joe comic as my color reference. In that comic, his goggles were green and his knee pads red. Well, until I turned the page and then they were brown...and then green...and then red again...etc.

What about Junkyard, you ask?

He'll be here.




I was never really happy with Mutt. He looked too much like Jim Gordon cosplaying as Mutt. So, I tried remaking his face with a green stuff helmet and muzzle success:

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